[PATCH 00/02] staging: tidspbridge: 2.6.37-rcX fixes

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Thu Nov 11 13:17:56 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 07:50:23PM -0600, Omar Ramirez Luna wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> Please consider the following patch set for tidspbridge driver in
> staging tree, the following has been tested on an omap3430 based board
> + gst-dsp environment. Many thanks to Felipe Contreras for piling this up,
> as I'm just propagating his patches.
> First two patches:
> 1. omap: dsp: remove shm from normal memory
> 2. staging: tidspbridge: hardcode SCM macros while fix is upstreamed
> Resolve a couple of build breaks due to adaptations for memblock
> and SCM layer.
> (2) Is meant as a temporary fix, until the patches to fix this
>     (currently in review) are upstreamed. [1]
> The rest of the series, is the revert of iommu migration changes. These
> are needed because, without modifications made to iommu module, they do not
> work; these modifications (on iommu code) didn't make it for the previous
> merge window either.
> I will avoid posting the reverts (unless required), they can be found
> (along with the two patches of this series) at:
> git://dev.omapzoom.org/pub/scm/tidspbridge/kernel-dspbridge.git 
> 	tidspbridge-2.6.37-rc1

I've pulled from this tree and pushed it out to the staging-linus branch
to get sent to Linus before .37 is released.


greg k-h

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