[PATCH 05/10] staging: hv: Convert camel cased functions in hv.c to lower cases

Brandon Philips brandon at ifup.org
Tue Nov 2 17:04:08 UTC 2010

On 13:46 Mon 01 Nov 2010, Haiyang Zhang wrote:
> -static int HvQueryHypervisorInfo(void)
> +static int hvquery_hypervisor_info(void)
> -static u64 HvDoHypercall(u64 control, void *input, void *output)
> +static u64 hvdo_hypercall(u64 control, void *input, void *output)

Should these be hv_do_hypercall and hv_query_hypervisor? That seems to
be the style in the rest of the patch:

> -int HvInit(void)
> +int hv_init(void)

> -void HvCleanup(void)
> +void hv_cleanup(void)

> -u16 HvPostMessage(union hv_connection_id connection_id,
> +u16 hv_post_message(union hv_connection_id connection_id,

> -u16 HvSignalEvent(void)
> +u16 hv_signal_event(void)



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