[PATCH 0/4] staging: brcm80211: Various

Brett Rudley brudley at broadcom.com
Tue Nov 2 00:10:14 UTC 2010

This series to cleanup various issues assumes that my previous patch 
"[PATCH 2/2] staging: brcm80211: Coalesce linux_osl.h/osl.h"
did not get merged by Greg because it hopelessly failed checkpatch
(because I neglected to run it). 

Brett Rudley (4):
  staging: brcm80211: Remove abstraction layer for dma alignment
  staging: brcm80211: Remove dead code from osl.h
  staging: brcm80211: Remove OSL_ERROR entry point
  staging: brcm80211: Remove cruft from wlioctl.h

 drivers/staging/brcm80211/brcmfmac/dhd_linux.c |   52 ++++-
 drivers/staging/brcm80211/include/linux_osl.h  |   27 --
 drivers/staging/brcm80211/include/wlioctl.h    |  329 +-----------------------
 drivers/staging/brcm80211/util/linux_osl.c     |   80 +------
 4 files changed, 58 insertions(+), 430 deletions(-)

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