Driver for Realtek ALC56xx codec needed

Greg KH greg at
Fri May 21 23:35:51 UTC 2010

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On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 09:13:53PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> The Realtek ALC56xx audio codecs are currently not supported by Linux
> and I was wondering if the Linux Driver Project can help with this.
> I briefly talked to Mark Brown, one of the main ALSA developers, to
> see how hard a codec driver is and whether it might be in the scope
> of LDP and he thought that a "CODEC driver for a simple CODEC would
> be a fairly good project for them, actually".  Mark also offered help
> (i.e. code review) if I can find someone who wants to work on the
> driver.
> Datasheets are available online.  For example, I found
> Also, there is a Linux driver already (developed by Marvell):
> but it needs more work.  Mark Brown:
> > The driver is in the ballpark of being OK for mainline.
> > It needs updating for current styles of doing things, and
> > general coding style stuff, but it's not a million miles off.
> >
> > If someoen posts it on the lsit I'll review it properly.
> > Fixing the sort of stuff checkpatch can identify would be good first,
> > though.

It will be easy for me to add this to the staging tree to give people a
place to start cleaning it up, is that acceptable?

> I can probably make a product available that uses the ALC5621 chip (a HP
> t5325 Thin Client, for which I'd like to add Debian suppot and therefore
> would like to see complete kernel support, including audio).  However,
> to boot a kernel you'd ideally have a serial console which the device
> doesn't offer, so you'd have to be able to make a 3V TTL RS232
> converter; something like this:
> Maybe you also have contacts at Realtek who could provide hardware or
> help.

I don't, sorry.  Does anyone else?

> Anyway, according to
> there are some other ALC56xx variants, most with a datasheet.  It would
> be nice to see what the differences are and to support them all; but the
> most important devices imho are the ALC5621 (used by the HP thin client)
> and ALC5623 (apparently used by some upcoming devices).
> Do you have someone interested in working on a driver for this codec?

Have you tried asking on the alsa devel mailing list?  If we can get
some hardware, and you have the data sheet as shown, it shouldn't be
that much work to knock out a new codec.

Anyone want to help out with this?


greg k-h

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