[PATCH] ramzswap: Remove backing swap support

Nitin Gupta ngupta at vflare.org
Sun May 16 16:50:47 UTC 2010

On 05/16/2010 09:51 PM, Greg KH wrote:
> On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 09:13:46PM +0530, Nitin Gupta wrote:
>> Hi Minchan,
>> On 05/16/2010 09:50 AM, Minchan Kim wrote:
>>> One thing was about naming.
>>> Now block device operations has field naming swap_xxx_notify
>>> (I am not sure exact name). My concern was it's very specific about swap.
>>> So I thought we would be better to more abstract name.
>>> I thought trim like naming as Linus said.
>> This call is very swap specific and is quite different from generic trim
>> stuff. So, I think it will be better not be generalize the name and avoid
>> confusing it with trim/discard etc.
>>> Anyway, I will review again at next week if it isn't merged
>>> linux-next(or linux-mm ?? which is right?). That's because I have a
>>> interest in your good ramzswap. :)
>> Thanks, comments/reviews are always welcome :)
>> Greg: In the meantime, considering 3 Acks, is it possible to pull it in
>> linux-next?
> It's already there, right?

Yuk! its there.

I actually wanted to refer to the 'swap notify patch'. Please see patch titled:
'ramzswap: Eliminate stale data from compressed memory (v2)'

This patch got 3 Acks: Pekka, Linus and Nigel.

(Minchan, please always reply to the patch your are referring to)


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