[PATCH] staging: winbond: wbhal_f.h Coding style fixes.

Lars Lindley lindley at coyote.org
Sun Mar 28 17:10:59 UTC 2010

I fixed all checkpatch problems and also converted the
function arguments from hungarian notation and CamelCase.

Signed-off-by: Lars Lindley <lindley at coyote.org>
 drivers/staging/winbond/wbhal_f.h |  137 +++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 1 files changed, 79 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/staging/winbond/wbhal_f.h b/drivers/staging/winbond/wbhal_f.h
index 64a008d..401c024 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/winbond/wbhal_f.h
+++ b/drivers/staging/winbond/wbhal_f.h
@@ -1,70 +1,91 @@
-// Device related include
+ * =====================================================================
+ * Device related include
+ * =====================================================================
 #include "wb35reg_f.h"
 #include "wb35tx_f.h"
 #include "wb35rx_f.h"
 #include "core.h"
-// Function declaration
-void hal_remove_mapping_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 *pmac_addr );
-void hal_remove_default_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u32 index );
-unsigned char hal_set_mapping_key(  struct hw_data * adapter,  u8 *pmac_addr,  u8 null_key,  u8 wep_on,  u8 *ptx_tsc,  u8 *prx_tsc,  u8 key_type,  u8 key_len,  u8 *pkey_data );
-unsigned char hal_set_default_key(  struct hw_data * adapter,  u8 index,  u8 null_key,  u8 wep_on,  u8 *ptx_tsc,  u8 *prx_tsc,  u8 key_type,  u8 key_len,  u8 *pkey_data );
-void hal_clear_all_default_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-void hal_clear_all_group_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-void hal_clear_all_mapping_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-void hal_clear_all_key(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-void hal_set_power_save_mode(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  unsigned char power_save,  unsigned char wakeup,  unsigned char dtim );
-void hal_get_power_save_mode(  struct hw_data * pHwData,   u8 *pin_pwr_save );
-void hal_set_slot_time(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 type );
-#define hal_set_atim_window( _A, _ATM )
-void hal_start_bss(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 mac_op_mode );
-void hal_join_request(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 bss_type ); // 0:BSS STA 1:IBSS STA//
-void hal_stop_sync_bss(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-void hal_resume_sync_bss(  struct hw_data * pHwData);
-void hal_set_aid(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u16 aid );
-void hal_set_bssid(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 *pbssid );
-void hal_get_bssid(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 *pbssid );
-void hal_set_listen_interval(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u16 listen_interval );
-void hal_set_cap_info(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u16 capability_info );
-void hal_set_ssid(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 *pssid,  u8 ssid_len );
-void hal_start_tx0(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-#define hal_get_cwmin( _A ) ( (_A)->cwmin )
-void hal_set_cwmax(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u16 cwin_max );
-#define hal_get_cwmax( _A ) ( (_A)->cwmax )
-void hal_set_rsn_wpa(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u32 * RSN_IE_Bitmap , u32 * RSN_OUI_type , unsigned char bDesiredAuthMode);
-void hal_set_connect_info(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  unsigned char boConnect );
-u8 hal_get_est_sq3(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  u8 Count );
-void hal_descriptor_indicate(  struct hw_data * pHwData,  struct wb35_descriptor *pDes );
-u8 hal_get_antenna_number(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-u32 hal_get_bss_pk_cnt(  struct hw_data * pHwData );
-#define hal_get_region_from_EEPROM( _A ) ( (_A)->reg.EEPROMRegion )
-#define hal_get_tx_buffer( _A, _B ) Wb35Tx_get_tx_buffer( _A, _B )
-#define hal_software_set( _A )		(_A->SoftwareSet)
-#define hal_driver_init_OK( _A )	(_A->IsInitOK)
-#define hal_rssi_boundary_high( _A ) (_A->RSSI_high)
-#define hal_rssi_boundary_low( _A ) (_A->RSSI_low)
-#define hal_scan_interval( _A )		(_A->Scan_Interval)
-#define PHY_DEBUG( msg, args... )
-#define hal_get_time_count( _P )	(_P->time_count/10)	// return 100ms count
-#define hal_detect_error( _P )		(_P->WbUsb.DetectCount)
-// The follow function is unused for IS89C35
+/* =====================================================================
+ * Function declaration
+ * =====================================================================
+ */
+void hal_remove_mapping_key(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 *mac_addr);
+void hal_remove_default_key(struct hw_data *hw_data, u32 index);
+unsigned char hal_set_mapping_key(struct hw_data *adapter, u8 *mac_addr,
+				  u8 null_key, u8 wep_on, u8 *tx_tsc,
+				  u8 *rx_tsc, u8 key_type, u8 key_len,
+				  u8 *key_data);
+unsigned char hal_set_default_key(struct hw_data *adapter, u8 index,
+				  u8 null_key, u8 wep_on, u8 *tx_tsc,
+				  u8 *rx_tsc, u8 key_type, u8 key_len,
+				  u8 *key_data);
+void hal_clear_all_default_key(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_clear_all_group_key(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_clear_all_mapping_key(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_clear_all_key(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_set_power_save_mode(struct hw_data *hw_data, unsigned char power_save,
+			     unsigned char wakeup, unsigned char dtim);
+void hal_get_power_save_mode(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 *in_pwr_save);
+void hal_set_slot_time(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 type);
+#define hal_set_atim_window(_A, _ATM)
+void hal_start_bss(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 mac_op_mode);
+/* 0:BSS STA 1:IBSS STA */
+void hal_join_request(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 bss_type);
+void hal_stop_sync_bss(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_resume_sync_bss(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+void hal_set_aid(struct hw_data *hw_data, u16 aid);
+void hal_set_bssid(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 *bssid);
+void hal_get_bssid(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 *bssid);
+void hal_set_listen_interval(struct hw_data *hw_data, u16 listen_interval);
+void hal_set_cap_info(struct hw_data *hw_data, u16 capability_info);
+void hal_set_ssid(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 *ssid, u8 ssid_len);
+void hal_start_tx0(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+#define hal_get_cwmin(_A)	((_A)->cwmin)
+void hal_set_cwmax(struct hw_data *hw_data, u16 cwin_max);
+#define hal_get_cwmax(_A)	((_A)->cwmax)
+void hal_set_rsn_wpa(struct hw_data *hw_data, u32 *rsn_ie_bitmap,
+		     u32 *rsn_oui_type , unsigned char desired_auth_mode);
+void hal_set_connect_info(struct hw_data *hw_data, unsigned char bo_connect);
+u8 hal_get_est_sq3(struct hw_data *hw_data, u8 count);
+void hal_descriptor_indicate(struct hw_data *hw_data,
+			     struct wb35_descriptor *des);
+u8 hal_get_antenna_number(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+u32 hal_get_bss_pk_cnt(struct hw_data *hw_data);
+#define hal_get_region_from_EEPROM(_A)	((_A)->reg.EEPROMRegion)
+#define hal_get_tx_buffer(_A, _B)	Wb35Tx_get_tx_buffer(_A, _B)
+#define hal_software_set(_A)		(_A->SoftwareSet)
+#define hal_driver_init_OK(_A)		(_A->IsInitOK)
+#define hal_rssi_boundary_high(_A)	(_A->RSSI_high)
+#define hal_rssi_boundary_low(_A)	(_A->RSSI_low)
+#define hal_scan_interval(_A)		(_A->Scan_Interval)
+#define PHY_DEBUG(msg, args...)
+/* return 100ms count */
+#define hal_get_time_count(_P)		(_P->time_count / 10)
+#define hal_detect_error(_P)		(_P->WbUsb.DetectCount)
+/* The follow function is unused for IS89C35 */
 #define hal_disable_interrupt(_A)
 #define hal_enable_interrupt(_A)
-#define hal_get_interrupt_type( _A)
+#define hal_get_interrupt_type(_A)
 #define hal_get_clear_interrupt(_A)
-#define hal_ibss_disconnect(_A) hal_stop_sync_bss(_A)
+#define hal_ibss_disconnect(_A)		(hal_stop_sync_bss(_A))
 #define hal_join_request_stop(_A)
-#define hw_get_cxx_reg( _A, _B, _C )
-#define hw_set_cxx_reg( _A, _B, _C )
+#define hw_get_cxx_reg(_A, _B, _C)
+#define hw_set_cxx_reg(_A, _B, _C)

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