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Wed Jul 28 07:15:45 UTC 2010


Pardon me for not knowing your mind set before making you this offer. I write to you as the CEO of 
Takwa Petrochemical Ltd, an American Engineering company here in Ghana, that specializes in exploration. 
We recently won a contract in Ghana, to extract Gold from a community of local Gold miners who do not 
have the modern knowledge needed to extract this Gold from their land.

We were actually contacted to help them extract this Gold from their land and also sell them before the 
profit is shared between our company and also the community leaders.

We have extracted quite a quantity now and we are looking for partners that could help us sell them in 
Europe and America for them to get a percentage of the selling price. We have made this gold, into exotic 
jewelleries with attractive designs in partnership with a JEWELLERY COMPANY which is a well established 
Jewellery Firm,that  delivers highest quality jewelleries of classic and exotic designs at the lowest possible 
prices and we plan to supply to the rest of the world now, which is why we request for your assistance in 
attending to the challenges and opportunities  that come with global expansion and rapidly changing 
markets in countires where we don't have offices yet.

One kilogram of this pieces of jewelleries cost about $19,500 at retail price, but we can afford to send 
about 10kg (18 carat Gold Jewellleries of different sizes and designs) to you first at the rate of $16,500 per
kilogram of this pieces of jewelleries, for you to sell for profit on our behalf in your country as our representative. 
You stand to get 5% of the total cost price,(5% of $165,000) as our representative the moment you agree to 
help us as mobilisation fee and also the $3000 on each kilogram you sell, when you sell them at the rate of 
$19,500 or more in your country, which is very possible.

This is exactly the proposal I have for you, to find a partner, who can help us sell.

There will be no financial obligation required of you, only your honesty and willingness to help us market 
this product for mutual benefit is demanded. And the quantity you receive from us, will increase as time 
goes on.

If you are interested we would be glad to sign an agreement with you, before we ship the Gold Jewelleries 
to you. All interested distributors should supply us with this information of themselves:

    1. Your Name:
    2. Mailing Address:
    3. City/State:
    4. Zip Code:
    5. Phone Number(s):
    6. Sex
    7. Marital Status
    8. Age:
    9. E-mail address

Best Regards,
Engr. Henry Hamilton.

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