Your e-mail address has won you US$4,600,000.00 online

UK Lottery Organization MCLERK at
Sat Jul 24 13:54:46 UTC 2010

Your e-mail address has won you US$4,600,000.00 online
FROM: UK Lottery Organization.

Are you the owner of this email address or do you have authorized access
to it in the absence of the owner? If yes then have every reason to 
rejoice as the result of the UK lottery, free ticket and online e-mail 
address draws has just been released and guess what? Your email address
won you the sweepstakes in the first category and you are entitled to
claim the sum of Four Million, Six Hundred Thousand USA Dollars.

You are to contact our representative on the below email address for
available options on how to receive your winnings fund. NOTE that
Mr.Michael Johnson might fail to recognize you as the true winner and
receiver of the US$4,600,000 if you fail to include the following in your
contact mail to he. So do not fail to contact our Payment Coordinator in
the United Kingdom, Mr.Michael Johnson with the following winnings and
personal claims information.

Your country of origin and country of residence/work, complete official
names, address, amount won, free ticket and lucky numbers, date of draw,
contact telephone and mobile numbers. OPTIONAL: - [Sex, age, occupation
and job title].

Name:Mr.Michael Johnson
E-mail:agentjsmicheal at
London,United Kingdom

Your email address won the online lottery on this Free Ticket Number:
APP23656675471 and Lucky Number: MX014926583. The online email draws was
held in Dubai United Arab Emirates on the th 20th july 2010 and your
claims will be taking place  either from London - United Kingdom, or from
the draws venue which is Dubai - United Arab Emirates or from Bangkok -
Thailand. Mr.Michael Johnson will let you know the one it is.


From:Ms.Kate Martins
Online Winning Notification Department,
(UK Lottery Organization)

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