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Western Union
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Customer Service
REF NO: 245/0090/10
BATCH: 2010/wumt/393

    This is to officially inform you that you have been given a financial
grant  by the Board of  Director  as one of  our final recipients to benefit
the sum of Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($500,000.00
USD) ,This benefit is given to you as part of our customers valued added
services, This services is to aid our esteem customers who have been bankrupt
or have financial difficulties,lost their investment/jobs as a result of the
global meltdown caused by the Global Financial Crisis.This development is to
help solve the Global Meltdown.

  Western Union Foundation  gives customer the resources to aid their
financial state. Since 1997, Western Union Foundation has contributed to
improve the lives of thousands of customers world wide, and organizations
with noble causes. While creating awareness of some of society's most serious
problems like HIV/AIDS awareness campaign,Western Union Foundation builds and
implements public-private partnerships to address the worlds most pressing
problems that has been caused by the present Global Economic Meltdown through
its advocacy and public outreach programs with the main objective of finding
solution to this problems.Western Union Foundation was established in 1997,
with the main objective  of  empowering  and aiding customers, assisting poor
country , communities ,co-organization  and N.G.O by  providing financial
grants through  its opportunity programs.You are required to contact the
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for documentation and processing of your

        *** Your Full Name
        *** Address
        *** Phone number
        *** Age
        *** Gender
        *** Occupation
        *** Country

Western Union Foundation President
Luella Chavez D Angelo**
and Chairman
David Schlapbach**

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