Hyper-V drivers items in the TODO file - Looking for clarification

Hank Janssen hjanssen at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 20 21:57:29 UTC 2010

Greetings all,

The world moves slowly here on the dark side, but progress is being made. 
I finally pulled the right levers Internally to start working on a bunch of the 
TODO items that people have added to the Hyper-V drivers, and yes that was the 
disturbance you must have felt in the force. But I am hoping to get some 
clarification on some of the items, specifically these;

Please note, a lot of these questions stem from my own ignorance :)

	- use of /** when it is not a kerneldoc header 
Patch will be submitted next week for fixing this. Is it standard to do 
this for all API's? Or only for those re-usable/callable by other people?

	- audit the vmbus to verify it is working properly with the
        driver model
I am not sure what is expected here. Any ideas or pointers.

	- audit the network driver
		- use existing net_device_stats struct in network device 
We today use the struct, and use these fields rx_dropped, rx_packets, rx_bytes, 
tx_bytes, tx_packets, tx_dropped. What additional functionality is requested?

      - checking for carrier inside open is wrong, network device API
Anybody able clarify what is meant with this request?

	- audit the block driver
	- audit the scsi driver
We added this to make sure that all patches that have been submitted by the 
community where not breaking functionality. We submitted a few patches late 
last year to fix bugs that were introduced. Today the 2.6.32 kernel has fully 
working functionality for the block driver and SCSI driver. Can I submit a patch
to remove these two line items? Or is more required?

Again my apologies, but the amount of mountains that are being moved internally 
To get to a sane way for us to work on the IC's in mainline is nothing short of tectonic.

No to mention that it has knocked many years of my life :)

Also, we are writing additional functionality that I hope to release sooner
Rather than later.

And I appreciate everybody's patience with this. We are changing, although slowly!


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