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Adolfo Summers 3-born at
Fri Jan 8 05:42:48 UTC 2010

Here's what we're offering for this week:

Currently in Practice:  Medical Doctors in the US 

788,708 in total * 17,557 emails

Many popular specialties like Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, 
OBGYN, Oncology, Pediatrics and more

16 different sortable fields

American Pharmaceutical Company Contact List
Names and email addresses of 47,000 employees in high-ranking positions

Hospital Facilities in the United States
complete contact information for CEO's, CFO's, Directors and more - 
over 23,000 listings in total for more than 7,000 hospitals in the USA

Database of American Dentists
Virtually every dentist in America with full contact details

American Chiropractors Database
100,000 Chiropractors in the USA (worth $250 alone)

Directory of American Dentists
Practically every dentist in the US is listed here

This week only you pay: $395 all 6 datasets 

Good until the end of this week.

Here for more info & samples: Claire at

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