Merging OLPC XO-1 DCON driver to mainstream kernel tree?

Raymond Lai airwave209gt at
Wed Feb 24 14:15:27 UTC 2010

Ooops. Let's try again.
Had ran through a little comparison between OLPC's 2.6.31 source

with the mainstream kernel source, version 2.6.31-12;a=tree;hb=5e20b95750867086fff98e5c3eaa00c3bc01d8ee

and I saw the difference is only in gxfb_core.c and lxfb_core.c 
regarding the configuration flag, i.e.


so I think efforts required for the Geode driver is very little.

OTOH, I think making the changes on the OLPC sources regarding XO-1 
support back to the mainstream is necessary before getting the DCON 
driver back. Simply merge the DCON driver but keep the configuration 
flag CONFIG_OLPC is not a good idea.

I actually had made the changes on my own. I only added changes related 
to XO-1 only, as I don't own a XO-1.5 yet that I cannot test it. I can 
send it in along with the DCON driver integration patch when I get back 
to work tomorrow. Otherwise I'll simply compile the kernel off the 
source pulled off OLPC's git.


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