[PATCH 2/2] Staging: hv: General maintenance of TODO file

Hank Janssen hjanssen at microsoft.com
Thu Feb 11 23:46:48 UTC 2010

>> On a side note, when this becomes mainstream, could you give it a more
>> descriptive name than just "hv"?  "Hv" already means at least two
>> possible things to me -- "hypervisor" or "high volume" -- neither of
>> which appear to be what this code is about.
>"hyperv" should be sufficient, right?
>greg k-h

I was thinking of using that, but would that confuse it with hypervisor
which is more of a general term?  If the consensus is that it would not than
I am in favor of changing it to hyperv.

ms_hyperv would make it to long?



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