[PATCH 2/2] Staging: hv: General maintenance of TODO file

Greg KH gregkh at suse.de
Thu Feb 11 22:54:52 UTC 2010

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 10:22:19PM +0000, Hank Janssen wrote:
> >> 
> >> Removed two line;
> >> 	Audit block driver
> >> 	Audit scsi driver
> >> They were added by us as part of the original code
> >> Submission to make sure these drivers kept on working
> >> Correctly with all the patches that came in from the 
> >> Community. 
> >
> >Um, no, those things still need to be done.
> What additional things are expected? We solved the original 
> reason we added the lines

Um, I added the lines, see commit id
51b671f2f40c303fd4d18e346f63af62c9b1f622 for proof of that.

And as far as I can see, no such auditing has been done.

You need to pass the code by the proper subsystem maintainers (block and
scsi) before these items can be removed.

> , so I want to make sure we do additional work as is expected. We are
> going through general code cleanup, and the TODO file now. 
> >> Added a new line to fix mostly insane camelcase naming
> >> We are working on that right now, but it will take a bit
> >> Due to the pervasive usage of it.
> >
> >That's fine, but it fits under the general "fix coding style issues".
> >
> >Hm, that isn't spelled out, but it is implicit, I doubt this really
> >needs to be documented in the file, it's just common knowledge :)
> Want me to add a proper line item for that? Or drop this patch
> completely for the time being?

I say just drop it, you know you have to fix this :)


greg k-h

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