usbip: somtimes stalls at kernel_recvmsg()

Németh Márton nm127 at
Mon Dec 13 22:36:52 UTC 2010


I'm working with usbip and I sometimes see a stall when I run
the "lsusb" command from the userspace. I added some debug messages
and it seems that the kernel_recvmsg() in;a=blob;f=drivers/staging/usbip/usbip_common.c;h=210ef16bab8d271a52e5d36cd1994aad57ad99e1;hb=HEAD

This is the only place I could find where the TCP messages are arriving in
the usbip code.

What happens if a message does not arrive? Does it stall forever? If
yes, how can the kernel_recvmsg() call changed to handle some timeout?

	Márton Németh

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