[PATCH 1/1] Properly check return values of kmalloc and vmbus_recvpacket

Hank Janssen hjanssen at microsoft.com
Fri Dec 10 00:20:28 UTC 2010

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> From: Jesper Juhl [mailto:jj at chaosbits.net]
> Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 4:11 PM
> On Thu, 9 Dec 2010, Ky Srinivasan wrote:
> > I am wondering if it might be better to allocate a page during module
> > startup for dealing with some of these services. Since the protocol
> > guarantees that there cannot be more than one outstanding request from
> > the host side, having a pre-allocated receive buffer would be a more
> > robust solution - we don't have to allocate memory when we cannot
> > afford to sleep and thereby don't have to deal with a class of failure
> > conditions that are not easy to deal with. For instance not being able
> > to shut the guest down because of low memory situation would be bad.
> >
> IMVHO; nicer to have a module fail at load time with ENOMEM than having
> failures later. If memory requirement is known at load time (and is fairly low),
> just allocate what's needed then and then there's no unexpected failure
> later.

Agreed, That is a way neater implementation. I will correct and resubmit.



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