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Below is a catalog of all our lists and the corresponding prices:

note: all lists are optin and sold with unlimited use rights

Any Individual list below $109 ea OR 2 for $179 (Only until Friday)

-> Complete US Physicians Database
-> Chiropractic Doctors in the USA
-> American Holistic Medicine Providers/Clinics
-> General Dentists in the USA
-> Dentists with Specialties 
-> American Veterinarians & Veterinary Clinics
-> US Hospitals 
-> Nursing Homes int the US 
-> Pharmaceutical Company Employees
-> Physical/Occupational Therapy Clinics and Therapists in the US
-> Oncology Physicians in the US
-> US Surgery Centers
-> Massage Therapists/Therapy Clinics in America
-> Acupuncturists/clinics in the US
-> Medical Equipment Suppliers(USA)
-> Mental Health Counselors (USA)
-> Optometrists/Clinics (USA)
-> Psychologists (USA)

Take any individual list below for just $137 each (Only until Friday)

-> Hotels in the USA
-> Realtors in the USA 
-> USA Business Database 
-> Manufacturer Database (USA)
-> Financial Planner Database (USA)
-> Finance & Professionals Database (USA)
-> Insurance Agents (USA)
-> Canadian Businesses
-> United Kingdom Business Database
-> Media Outlet Contacts (USA)

$97 each (only until Fri)

-> USA Consumer Database 
-> Credit Inquiries Database (USA)
-> American Homeowners

$112 each (Expires Friday)

-> USA Lawyers Database 
-> Criminal Attorneys in the US

Reply to this address for details and samples: roadtoresults at gmx.com

If the email address above doesn't work, please call 1-206-338-9752 instead.


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