Linux Driver for NXP SAA7154

Andreas Feuersinger andreas.feuersinger at
Tue Nov 17 16:28:43 UTC 2009

Hello list,

I work for a very small startup developing arm based embedded systems.
We are going to use the NXP SAA7154 Multistandard video decoder with
comb filter, component input and RGB output chip. The chip provides
some improvements of the SAA7119 chip which is (partially?) supported
by the mainline Linux kernel.
The major improvement of interest for us would be: 

* De-interlacing for progressive displays

Unfortunately there is no Linux driver I know of.

My questions:
* Is there a straight forward way to make the Linux kernel support
  that chip? (new or extended existing)
* What is the typical timeline for a "project" like this?
* Would it make sense to try to implement it by myself or are there
  better easier ways to do this?

NXP Product page:[pip=SAA7154E_SAA7154H]|pp=[t=pip,i=SAA7154E_SAA7154H]

Any help appreciated!



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