[PATCH 0/4] Added Realtek rtl8192u driver to staging

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Tue Nov 3 16:01:57 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 07:16:54AM -0200, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> This patch series add a RealTek drivers to upstream -staging tree,
> based on the version sent by RealTek c/c devel at driverdev.osuosl.org.
> Thanks to Jerry Chuang <jerry-chuang at realtek.com> to provide the driver for
> rtl8192u chipset.
> This driver looks very close to rtl8192su, but at least the firmware is
> different. It wouldn't probably be that hard to merge both drivers into
> one in the future.

Yeah, that might be a good idea.

> The drivers are working, with the firmwares provided on ReakTek package:
> $ md5sum /lib/firmware/RTL8192U/*
> f0b36fa2fa5f89e8246a9e353b990952  /lib/firmware/RTL8192U/boot.img
> 7f06fe4c1d4098e0c363c0e06cb991ee  /lib/firmware/RTL8192U/data.img
> 5b998bb6dcba47221abe3468361a0158  /lib/firmware/RTL8192U/main.img

Do you have a link to the firmware somewhere?  We should submit that to
the linux-firmware tree.


greg k-h

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