need a usb device and learn writting a usb gadget driver

Benoit Donnette bdonnette at
Wed Mar 18 07:51:59 UTC 2009

> List,
> Could anyone recommend me a usb device to learn writting a usb gadget
> driver?
> usb mice, usb keyboard and usb flash are using usb core/host.
> I see some drivers in drivers/usb/gadget subdirectory but do not know
> which slave usb devices those drivers support.
> Thanks.

Well, correct me if needed, but I think USB gadget is basically using a
Linux host as a USB *device*, not a USB *host*. So, unless you're doing
embedded (or working with fairly specific hardware), it is probably not
what you want.

And if it really is what you want, well, a USB tracker (keep track of
packets) could be a good starting point.

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