[PATCH 155/342] Staging: wlan-ng: Lindent cleanups

Stefan Richter stefanr at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Wed Jun 24 14:10:25 UTC 2009

Mithlesh Thukral wrote:
> More over cleanups are one of the simplest thing that you can do when you have 
> put on a build which takes an hour to complete or you waiting for your flight 
> after the security check.

Fine; though it's better not to hit the send button already on the 
airport (to allow for proof-reading in a quieter minute).

> Instead of reducing everything to "Chicken n Egg" problem why not start doing 
> what ever you can.

That's actually how I have been doing things all the time since I joined 
driver maintenance a few years ago.

The aim should be higher than mechanical filtering through a script 
though, because submissions like
-int wlan_setup(wlandevice_t *wlandev);
+int wlan_setup(wlandevice_t * wlandev);
are not helping anyone.
Stefan Richter
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