GigEVision support

Falco Hirschenberger falco.hirschenberger at
Wed Jul 8 15:50:38 UTC 2009


I think Linux can really benefit from an open kernel-based GigEVision 

GigEVision[1] is a proprietary closed standard for controlling 
high-quality video cameras over gigabit-ethernet. These cameras are 
often used in industrial vision software. This driver can be a great 
benefit for the industrial vision industry, because using small embedded 
Linux systems is in the trend there.

Some manufacturers provide closed-source drivers for Linux because of 
the NDA which they signed at the AIA (Automated Imaging Association).
[2], [3]
Some provide no drivers but I think these cameras will work with a 
generic driver because they have to implement the standard to get certified.

I have written a proof-of-concept userlevel driver by means of sniffing 
and reverse-engineering, but some features are missing and I think I 
will need some help to implement the rest. Btw. a kernel driver would 
perform a lot better.

I hope this list is the correct place for this suggestion, feel free to 
forward it to another place.



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