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Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Thu Jul 2 17:37:16 UTC 2009

Peter, it looks like something in the patch below broke stuff.

Any ideas?


greg k-h

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--- Comment #4 from jakob gruber <jakob.gruber at kabelnet.at>  2009-07-02 17:18:16 ---
Using git bisect, I always seemed to up in with a working copy that wouldn't
build and I don't know git well enough to fix that. 

So - I started with 2.6.29 and manually applied the rt2870 commits until I was
able to isolate the problem. I also built a kernel with a checkout from 2.6.29
+ all rt2870 commits included in 2.6.30 EXCEPT the one causing this issue,
which resulted in a working rt2870sta modules.

By "rt2870 commits", I mean all commits with changes in the
drivers/staging/rt2870 directory.

The problem is in commit d44ca7af9e79abf4e80514583734cffed1117ee1

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