TW6800 based video capture boards (updates)

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at
Thu Jan 8 02:08:59 UTC 2009

On Sun, 4 Jan 2009 16:14:27 +0100
Domenico Andreoli <cavokz at> wrote:

> > I think this will depend if you have a signed NDA or not, and what are their
> > terms. Better to consult a lawyer ;)
> I finally got the clearance few weeks ago :)


> > > Since I am a kernel newbie I am expecting to receive lots of "leave
> > > V4L2 to expert coders..." but I will try anyway. You are warned :)
> > 
> > Just do your work and submit us the code. We'll analyse it and point for
> > issues, if needed ;) If you have any doubts about V4L2, I can help you.
> The new driver, named tw68xx, is able to capture video only.  My wish
> is to make it stable and production ready as soon as possible.
> So at the beginning no audio, no TS, no VBI and no overlay are
> supported. These functionalities would be added with time, boards
> and users.
> I am already collecting people willing to help writing and test stuff :)
> > Please, always c/c v4l ML when submitting your driver[1]. You may also c/c
> > other lists, like LKML. This will allow people to review it.
> I plan to publish it for a first revision by the end of January.
> Currently it is an external module and I would maintain that way until
> it is ready for the merge to the Linus' tree. This way I have not to
> follow a specific tree. Would it be ok for reviewers?

The better is to add it at -staging tree until we have at least the audio part
also working. After having video+audio (and getting some review), we may move
it to V4L/DVB tree.


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