Promise Technology "SuperTRAK" SX6000 ATA Raid controller

Belisko Marek marek.belisko at
Wed Oct 15 08:49:40 UTC 2008


acording out of tree drivers driver for SuperTRAK" SX6000 wasn't
updated for 2.6 kernel. I search some forum threads and also contact
Marcus Lidel (previous maintainer of i2o subsystem) and it seems
driver for supertrak sx6000 device is implemented in 2.6 kernel
already (Marcus work on it and accrding his words it works fine).
Also according sx600 is working in 2.6 kernel.

Could we remove this issue from out of tree drivers?



as simple as primitive as possible
Marek Beliško
Ruská Nová Ves 219
08005 Prešov

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