Status of Conceptronic C54RU support

Frédéric Weisbecker fweisbec at
Mon Oct 6 14:31:59 UTC 2008

2008/10/6 Gerben Welter <gerben at>:
> Did you read the FAQ that is on the product page?
> Question:
> Is it possible to install the C54RU / C54RC / C54Ri under Linux?
> Answer:
> Conceptronic does not offer support for Linux, however, information and
> even drivers for Linux can be obtained from the manufacturer of the
> chipset of the wireless card.
> The wireless cards that Conceptronic currently sells includes a Ralink
> chipset (Ralink 2500). Use the following link:
> In addition to the official drivers of the manufacturer of the chipset,
> you can go to the RT2x00Wiki project, which is a free drivers
> development project for cards based on chipsets 2400 and 2500 from
> Ralink;
> The address is the following:
> The first link gives an 404, but the second link works and links to the
> project page where the Linux driver is being developed.
> Gerben

Hi Gerben,

Of course I have read it and I guess they made a mistake.
C54RC is a PCI card and C54Ri is a PC-card. That matches the rt2500.
But this device (the C54ru) is an usb one. I can't see any reference to an
usb function to the rt2500 driver.
And since C54RU is listed as a "DriverNeeded":

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