Status of Conceptronic C54RU support

Gerben Welter gerben at
Mon Oct 6 14:18:05 UTC 2008

>>> "Frédéric Weisbecker" <fweisbec at> 10/06/08 11:02 AM >>>
>Hello everyone,
>I recently saw that the C54ru usb wireless key from conceptronic is
>currently unsupported by Linux,
>even with an out of tree driver.

Did you read the FAQ that is on the product page?


Is it possible to install the C54RU / C54RC / C54Ri under Linux?


Conceptronic does not offer support for Linux, however, information and
even drivers for Linux can be obtained from the manufacturer of the
chipset of the wireless card.

The wireless cards that Conceptronic currently sells includes a Ralink
chipset (Ralink 2500). Use the following link:

In addition to the official drivers of the manufacturer of the chipset,
you can go to the RT2x00Wiki project, which is a free drivers
development project for cards based on chipsets 2400 and 2500 from

The address is the following:

The first link gives an 404, but the second link works and links to the
project page where the Linux driver is being developed.


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