TW6800 based video capture boards

Domenico Andreoli cavokz at
Sun May 25 02:00:28 UTC 2008


  I have some shining boards based on Techwell TW6802 and a "working"
V4L2 driver provided by the producer. Ah.. I have also the specs of
those TW6802 chips. Everything has been purchased by my employer.

Now I am eager to publish everything but I can't right now. My employer
would not understand and I would be in a difficult position. He already
knows that those drivers are based on GPL software and then _are_ GPL
at all the effects but he still needs to completely understand how it
works. Those guys are always happy to use Linux for free but at the
time of giving anything back...

To make the long story short, I want to rewrite them. So, how do
you judge my (legal) position? Yes, you are not a lawyer but I would
appreciate any related advice anyway ;)

Since I am a kernel newbie I am expecting to receive lots of "leave
V4L2 to expert coders..." but I will try anyway. You are warned :)

Greg, is required any formal step to open a new driver project? As like
assigning a manager and the like?


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