DriversNeeded 802.11 pccard, Agere 0x0156,0x0003?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Jun 18 14:15:22 UTC 2008


first thanks for the LDP and fighting against the myth that driver support
for GNU/Linux would be bad.

I have a device sitting here that is not supported by Linux 2.6. and thus is a 
candidate for

[While compiling this email I found out that this might turn into a question. 
See below.]

This is a  pc card wireless land adapter. 
id 0x0156, 0x0003, which probably makes it an Agere card.
cardctl info says:
"Wireless PC Card Model 0110"

We bought it quite a while ago under the tradename Lancom Airlancer MC-11
from Lancom Systems.

Background: We bought it because we thought it has a supported chipset based
on the old orinocco driver. The vendor announces "linux" supported, but this 
turned out to be only a driver for Linux 2.4.x.
Some old stuff (with picture) can be found at:
this seems to be Free Software under GNU GPLv2 even.

We could not get it to work with 2.6 and searching the web gave us only 
reports that it does not work with kernel 2.6.x.
(the local copyies look newer)

I've grepped the kernel sources (2.6.24) to try to find the id in a driver
or the source code comment "Agere" to see if source code was taken in from 
the 2.4. driver. To no prevail.
Even pages like
do not help me.

So I cannot really say: is there a driver which should work with this card in 
Linux 2.6.x and just missed the manufacturer id to recognise it?
Where did the old Free Software code go? Was it never ported to 2.6?

Bottom line: Maybe I am just missing the information to make the link between 
the driver and this card and it is not a DriversNeeded page candidate.
For me it has the "driversneeded" state, though. :)

(We might be willing the ship the card somewhere, as we cannot use it, 
so it currently just rotts here.)

Thanks again,
Managing Director - Owner:       (Free Software Company)
Germany Coordinator: Coordinator:
Intevation GmbH, Osnabrück, DE; Amtsgericht Osnabrück, HRB 18998
Geschäftsführer Frank Koormann, Bernhard Reiter, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner
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