on patch "DVB: add firesat driver" in staging.git

Manu Abraham manu at linuxtv.org
Sun Jun 15 21:23:42 UTC 2008

Stefan Richter wrote:
>> This means that firesat needs to be ported to the new stack
>> eventually. The question remains if that should be done before
>> mainline submission or after.
> I forgot:  There is also the more fundamental question whether all of
> this shouldn't rather be done in userspace, like with FireWire set top
> boxes that are commonly used in North America.  But I am unable to
> assess this due to lack of knowledge of the DVB side.

The larger concept of DVB as regards to North America is the area of
application, ie DVB though FTA is applicable, CA (Conditional Access)
aka scrambled streams do not used in a standardized way, ie using a
standard EN50221 protocol, but proprietary ways.

With regards to the descrambling, it does make sense to have those parts
in kernel, since, the the Userspace applications make use of a thin
kernel interface, within the DVB API interface.

Well at least for applications to make use of the hardware it makes
sense to use the kernel interface rather than to redefine a completely
new userspace CA interface.


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