on patch "DVB: add firesat driver" in staging.git

Andreas Monitzer andy at monitzer.com
Sun Jun 15 00:40:03 UTC 2008

On Jun 15, 2008, at 00:16, Stefan Richter wrote:

> I forgot:  There is also the more fundamental question whether all  
> of this shouldn't rather be done in userspace, like with FireWire  
> set top boxes that are commonly used in North America.  But I am  
> unable to assess this due to lack of knowledge of the DVB side.

The DVB API assumes that devices are handled by kernel modules, that's  
why I created one in the first place.

Additionally, there are performance considerations that have to be  
taken into account (receiving the stream has to happen in realtime,  
otherwise the video and audio streams would stutter), so this might  
pose another need for a kernel module (I don't know enough about the  
raw1394 API to judge that, though).


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