Linux kernel 2.4 driver and firmware loading

Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Wed Jul 16 19:26:43 UTC 2008


aubin labrosse:
> 1) how do we load firmware onto the device when it is plugged in, in the
> 2.4 kernel?

Snarky answer: You forget about 2.4 and use 2.6.

Slightly less snarky answer: You look at one of the other drivers and
copy the way they do it.

Serious question: Why are you developing *anything* for 2.4, these days?

> 2) what's the best way to go about writing a driver for a usb device
> which doesn't fit into any of the other subsystems of the kernel?

I'd say that this depends on which operations you'd like the kernel
interface to support for your device. Tell us more; I for one have no
idea what a computer-controlled spectrometer _does_, and I'm certainly
not alone in that.

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