[PATCH] firesat avc resend

Stefan Richter stefanr at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Sun Aug 24 15:08:47 UTC 2008

Henrik Kurelid wrote:
>> Here is an additional patch for the firesat driver which addresses a
>> problem with AVC communication timeouts due to card tuning delays.
>> It also fixes one of the issues on the issue list with removing the
>> homebrewed down_timeout() function.

Thanks.  I haven't tested it yet but it looks good to me; except for 
minor things like some whitespace details and that the old 
log_response_frame() and your changes to it use multiple printks for a 
single line.  (Can be fixed sometime later.)

For the list:  I too worked on some updates yesterday.  I will rebase 
them on Henrik's patch and post them Monday or Tuesday:
   - copyright notes,
   - rename the module (but not yet the source files or variables etc.),
   - update many of the #includes,
   - semaphore-to-mutex conversion (needs more work because the
     remote control handler tasklet is in the way),
   - move hpsb_lock back into ieee1394 core where it came from.

AFAIR this would leave only
  1.  thorough but trivial code formatting style touch-ups,
  2.  file renames: firesat -> firedtv,
  3.  post a snapshot for review on LKML, propose for merge,
  4.a  API conversion of the remote control code,
  4.b  cleaner accessors of on-the-wire bitfields,
  4.c  API conversion to the new firewire stack,
  4.d  further stabilization and features (DVB-S2...).
to be done, IMO roughly in this order.
Stefan Richter
-=====-==--- =--- ==---

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