Altera's FPGA PCIe chaining DMA example IP core

Greg KH greg at
Thu Aug 14 22:20:14 UTC 2008

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 12:00:58AM +0200, Leon Woestenberg wrote:
> Hello all,
> there exist an increasing number of default FPGA IP cores with a
> scatter/gather DMA controller, either as a silicon core or
> programmable logic core.
> In case of Altera, there exist an example chaining DMA IP core that
> can use the soft or hard IP core and provided a clean host-memory
> descriptor based approach to scatter/gather DMA. It acts as a starting
> point for customization.
> I would like to see if there is interest in developing a clean Linux
> driver counterpart.

What could such a driver be used for?  It seems that this device is a
building block for other hardware types, right?


greg k-h

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