on patch "DVB: add firesat driver" in staging.git

Stefan Richter stefanr at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Fri Aug 1 15:46:48 UTC 2008

Andreas Monitzer wrote:
> unless any of them has been removed or completely rewritten since then  
> (it's hard to follow development, since I don't know if you're using  
> any repository, or are just passing patches around).

Well, staging.git carries a quilt series, versioned by Greg in git.
git pull:

Complete firesat history in staging.git:
2008-07-02  firesat: patch from Ben Backx to fix device recognition
2008-06-10  first cut at a -staging tree

> The version in v4l-dvb mercurial (v4l_experimental/firesat) is the one  
> where I stopped development.

OK, this contains your submission and whitespace cleanups from Mauro
from two years ago, according to the repo's web interface.

Everything will be easier once the code is kept in mainline...  :-)
Can we quickly revisit the to-dos and prioritize what is strictly
necessary before a merge request, to reduce everyone's pain?

  - Any userspace ABI issues?  Is the character device file ABI fully
defined by DVB, or are there firesat-specific things involved?

  - Are there other userspace visible things (important module options,
or whatever other interfaces) that need to be changed before mainline

  - Are there any version conflicts to be expected regarding the v4l and
dvb in-kernel APIs?  The ieee1394 API is luckily not a moving target.

  - Any bigger runtime problems (high-profile bugs, important missing
features) for which we don't know whether somebody will fix them in a
reasonably timely manner?

If we don't have notable issues in these points, then I would offer to
create a git repo for firesat (a dedicated branch in linux1394-2.6.git),
and request to have it included in linux-next.git ASAP.  Unless the
v4l/dvb folks want to do this.
Stefan Richter
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