on patch "DVB: add firesat driver" in staging.git

Henrik Kurelid henke at kurelid.se
Fri Aug 1 08:00:45 UTC 2008


To pick up this thread once again...

Manu wrote:
> Currently as it stands, the driver is usable, AFAICS. Albeit the conversion to the new Firewire stack would be a nice thing to be done.

There was one major problem with the patch mentioned earlier. The isochronous setup code is commented out (I guess since it uses the deprecated

I have been doing some additional work on the driver the last weeks. Apart from the writing new iso setup code I have added CI descrambling support
and some CI MMI support. I have created a patch at  http://firesat.kurelid.se/firesat-ci- with my additions. (It is to be applied
after the patch at http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/gregkh/gregkh-2.6/patches/bad/ldp/dvb-add-firesat-driver.patch).

Ben wrote:
> I can have a look at the switch from ieee1394 to firewire, but I'm rather busy right now (final exams and some other urgent business afterwards).
I will gladly lend a hand there as well.

Stefan wrote:
> So it looks like the most economic course of action would be to do the  conversion after mainline merge.  With a working and merged ieee1394 
subsystem based firesat driver, the circle of persons who can do a  conversion to the firewire subsystem is bigger.  I for one might be able  to
spend some time on such activities from October onwards or so.
I agree. Let's not "fix it if it ain't broken" yet. I have some time to spare the coming months so if there are no other plans on the driver before
October I suggest that me (and Ben?) go through the "cleanup" list as well as complete the CI MMI parts.
>   - use of a semaphore,
>   - struct types with bitfields for what appears to be on-the-wire data, - camel case names,
>   - "#define BYTE   unsigned char" and friends,
>   - stale duplicated code like "BUG_ON(in_interrupt())" or all
>     references to ohci1394 which seem unnecessary,
>   - homebrewed down_timeout,
>   - comment style not as in linux kernel.
>   - usage of HZ, instead of msecs_to_jiffies();
>   - its own implementation of wait_event_timeout();
>   - abuse of typedef's;
>   - some structures are defined differently, depending on endiannes, at avc_api.h.

Henrik Kurelid

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