Support for SDIO devices

Kurt Mahan kmahan at
Wed Oct 31 21:25:00 UTC 2007

Pierre Ossman wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 10:26:49 -0600
> Kurt Mahan <kmahan at> wrote:
>> In response to Greg's email from last Monday I added a couple of items
>> to the twiki for device requests.  I'm looking for device support for
>> SDIO cards such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Serial cards. 
> The SDIO core handling is already implemented. As is standard bluetooth. Serial is semi-done. It works for GPS class devices, but not the serial class (they are very similar but the exact difference is unknown :/).
> For wifi, there's the driver for Marvell's libertas, and the one for Atheros Ar6k. More are always nice though, but none of the ones I've seen are open and I've been getting the cold shoulder from the manufacturers.
Is there a list of SDIO WiFi cards and what chipsets they use?

>> If the docs are available (without NDA) I'd be happy to help work on the
>> drivers (kernel work is my day job) -- but I've not been able to find
>> the docs for the cards. 
> That is generally the problem with SD stuff. Most vendors tend to be completely uncooperative. If you do find something though, I'll be glad to help out.
Thanks for the information -- if more info is found for new drivers I'm
also willing to help out.


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