Status Report: Project-002: USB FXO+FXS VOIP device

Jaya Kumar jayakumar.lkml at
Sun Oct 28 07:17:10 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

Here's our status report for Project-002.



Project 002.
Summary: USB FXO+FXS VOIP device
Status: Abandoned: Project initiator switched to Linux compatible device.

The original goal was to implement full Linux support for the SAS0
VOIP Adapter from Polypower [1] and/or the Voxelle TLink Personal VoIP
Gateway Solution [2], most likely believed to be both based on a
Smartlink chipset.

- SAS0 is a USB device with both an FXO and an FXS port. Carlos Doria
mentioned that the SAS0 uses a Smartlink chipset and that this chipset
was supported by the Au600 driver but there were problems in testing.
The project initiator did not have chipset specs. The Au600 driver
author, Markus Rechberger had stated that he had to reverse engineer
much of it to implement the Au600 driver.
- We asked the project initiator to request chipset specifications
from the product supplier.
- In the mean-time, the product supplier discontinued the product and
thus the project initiator switched to another product that did not
need driver support.

- We should have asked the project initiator to send hardware first
rather than wait for chipset specifications. :-) At least then, we
would have been able to evaluate the device more concretely and
contribute if possible to the Au600 driver.

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