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On 10/27/07, Mauricio Mauad Menegaz Filho <mmauad at> wrote:
> Hi all!
> After reading some mails about this subject, showing the results for
> both technical and business guys in the company I work for, I realized
> some facts (some of then already pointed out by Roel):
> 1- the two-pager looks fine for technical people
> 2- the two-pager looks long for business people
> 3- the two-pager brings too much information for business people
>     since that they will forward the e-mail for his first technical head
>     if the thing matters (i.e. he will not access us via e-mail,
> jabber, et cetera)
> 4- secretaries deletes .pdf attachments usually
> 5- secretaries actually like to buy stuff (and show their bosses what they
>     like to buy)

Agreed in all of the above.

> Based on this, I'd sketched a rough draft of a one page document
> -- using our oss spirit and borrowing some stuff from the two pager
> to not reinvent the wheel --, aimed for quick reading. Some key words
> as _competitive_, a cool "open source ready" found on the web label,
> and a tour de france bike competition (also found on the web and without
> any copyright info) were used after some research with "secretary mail filters".

Congrats Mauricio, it looks really nice. I'd like to see this one in
my inbox :-)
It's quick, direct to the point, and points the "goodies" of our work.
The "We can make it ready...     ... for free" looks perfect :-)

> I think that we can adopt a twofold marketing strategy, since that
> the business layer must approve business info disclosure anyway.
> On the other side, we must have a strategy focusing the technical
> people (those strongly involved into making things happen on the
> ongoing process of driver development).
> As anything around here should (and seems to) be, feel free to
> suggest, attack, change, and even accept the idea as is (perhaps not a
> good idea!).
> The one-pager is on the marketing materials wiki:

Once again... for me it looks really better for a first approach.
Although the two-pager could be used for a "could you get me more info
about your project" mail response :-)

Congrats... it looks really nice.

I ack this one :-D

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In any case... I have a few comments around the text:

"Customers want to"... it's plural... so the verb should follow...
wants is 3rd singular only. ;-)
Instead of "Customers want to have business effective options.
Customers are the owners of the market." you could use "Customers want
to have business effective options, they own the market."

The correct would be:
"As Linux increases its market share..."

there's one extra "e" in "credeential", just remove it :-D

my 2 cents

Best Regards,

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