Tabish Mustufa tabishm at
Fri Oct 26 03:38:03 UTC 2007

Hi folks:

On 10/18/07, Tabish Mustufa <tabishm at> wrote:
> In any case, comedi has a reasonably active developer community.  I'll
> ping their mailing list to see if there's any interest in joining the
> kernel proper.

I've pinged the comedi mailing list, and there seems to be some
traction for the idea of pulling comedi into the mainline kernel.  If
you're interested in helping out, I'd suggest you track the thread on
the comedi mailing list:

There are a number of questions that have been raised that I'm unable
to answer.  I'd definitely appreciate comments from those of you who
are familiar with the mainline kernel development process.


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