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Wed Oct 24 21:37:43 UTC 2007

Thats a great work Josef. 

I took some of your content and
organized into white paper style. It need not be that way, just my
initial way organizing the ideas that represent our effort.
I just wanted to highlight and keep the content more focused by having bulleted and numbered content. We can use scribus of course, just that i'm not good at it.

Here is the link:

Thanks and let us keep working on this. Feel free to modify it.


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Sorry for the cross-post; I'll keep this short.

I have a first draft of a two-pager up on the wiki here:

I'd appreciate it if anyone with the inclination and time could review

it for me. There's going to be a ton of things that need to be changed,

and this document needs to represent the project. :)

I've got asbestos undies and thick skin; any and all critique! This is

just a draft to get things rolling.



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