Prism USB - D-Link DWL-122 available

Pavel Roskin proski at
Sat Oct 20 06:20:48 UTC 2007


I have been pointed to this page:

I have D-Link DWL-122, which works with linux-wlan-ng.  I've been  
planning to write a proper driver for Prism USB, but I just could not  
find time for it.

To learn USB and mac80211, I decided to start with a simpler project  
for Atmel cards.  But it turned out to be more work that I expected,  
so I don't think other devices will get enough attention from me  
before they all go to landfills and museums.

A quick check on eBay and Google shows that D-Link DWL-122 can be  
found, but it's unreasonably expensive, likely due to its TiVo  

I can send my D-Link DWL-122 to a person who is ready to write a  
proper Linux driver for it (i.e. a driver suitable for the kernel  
inclusion, mac80211 based).  The documentation for Prism USB is  
available, and so is a working driver (linux-wlan-ng), so it shouldn't  
be too hard.

Please contact me privately if interested.

Pavel Roskin

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