PRJ001 status - I2C drivers

codemonkey codemonkey at
Fri Oct 19 01:45:10 UTC 2007

When working with someone that really needs this, what better way to get 
it to working and tested quickly then to target what they are using. It 
is an embedded system with an established build environment for a what 
may be a shipping product so they should not be forced to change their 
environment to work with us on the driver team. In the end it should 
work with any kernel but you have to start somewhere and that makes one 
less variable for the company to use it.

As far as merging for inclusion to the mainline, yes these drivers will 
be working with the bleeding edge.


Randy Dunlap wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 08:03:48 -0500 codemonkey wrote:
>> As stated on the project page in the wiki, Hans, Yaman, and myself are 
>> working on the drivers. The company is currently targeting the 2.6.19 
>> kernel. Coding is occurring at this time.
> Hi,
> 2.6.19 was released on 2006-NOV-29, so it's almost one year old.
> Why target that kernel or any specific kernel rev?
> Shouldn't all of these projects target mainline for merging/inclusion?
> ---
> ~Randy

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