[linux-usb-devel] Option driver enhancement

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Thu Oct 4 16:21:45 UTC 2007

Hi Mathias,

> * Multiplex mode, however, is independently useful. As the name implies,
>   it is a way to talk to more than one part of a GSM modem concurrently,
>   so you can do stuff like check the uplink quality (or send text
>   messages ;-) while online. It is entered with AT+CMUX; you may or
>   may not be able to leave that mode without physically powering down
>   the USB bus.
>   The OpenMoko people have written a kernel driver for multiplexing,
>   but that is still out-of-tree. I'd like that to get fixed.

we also have a second TTY on these cards, but so far nobody managed to
decode its protocol. Are you actually sure that the Option card support
the multiplexer. Last time I checked it seemed they didn't and use the
second TTY with a binary protocol instead.

HAL actually needs to be fixed to _not_ mark the second TTY as modem
since it is none.

> The end result I'd like to see is that, when the user plugs in their GSM
> modem, that fact gets propagated via udev/hal/dbus so that a GUI window
> pops up and asks for the PIN, after which (a) Network Manager sees the
> device and is able to connect, and/or (b) I can use Telepathy to send
> and receive text messages. (Using the card as a phone should of course
> also be possible, but some of those modems don't even support audio
> data...)

At the last Ubuntu developer summit I started a gnome-modem-manager that
is exactly doing this. I used it since then, but actually never
published the code. Let me get this online somewhere.



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