Status report, October 16, 2007

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at
Wed Oct 17 05:39:19 UTC 2007

Greg KH wrote:
> Ok, I should be doing status reports, so here's my first cut at what is
> happening and what is going on so far.  I'll try to do these every few
> weeks, and I also encourage the project managers of active projects to
> also do this.
> First off, I'm going to try to keep the list of current projects up at:
> but will use email to announce new projects.  That page will just be a
> short summary about the different projects, and what is going on with
> them.
> Project managers, feel free to flesh out the individual pages for the
> projects if you wish.  But note, please do not post company information
> or data sheets unless the company explicitly says it is ok.  The
> majority of the companies working with us don't want the fact that they
> are using us to be all that public, for various reasons.
> Currently, I'm talking with about 3-4 new companies about more projects,
> and am working on a list of external modules that need to get cleaned up
> and added to the kernel tree that this project can help out with.
> But what we are really lacking right now is more companies involvement.
> If anyone can think of a way to drum up more company interest, please
> let me know.
> So, here's the current projects, and what is going on with them.
> Project managers, feel free to add more information.
> ---------
> Project 006
> Project Manager: Max
> Developer: Manu
> Summary:  video digital demodulator driver
> Current Status: Manu and Max are working together, don't know what the
> current status is...

Hi Greg,

The last communication i had with Max was on the 9th Nov 2007. He had some 
confusion how it all would work together and had asked me questions on the 
same, gave him all the answers what he wanted. I was waiting/expecting 
datasheets/specifications from him since he wanted to roll out his hardware 
ASAP. he sent me datasheets for the PCI bridge and the analog parts, but that 
which there already exists a driver. This was what Max said last: 

"Thanks for your reply.  Got the idea.  I will have a look.
I am busy in fixing the hardwares around tomorrow so may talk to you later."

Haven't heard anything from him after that.


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