Marvell pci wifi chips

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> I just wanted see if anyone was interested in working on support for
> the marvell pci libertas chips (8335, 8300, 8310, etc. -- not the same
> as the OLPC chips).  I can send out a card if anyone is interested.
> It seems there are several drivers floating around so it should be
> relatively less work than starting from scratch.  I'd do it myself,
> but I'm not that familiar with the linux wireless stack and all my
> free time pretty much goes to X hacking at the moment.  I tried to
> talk to Marvell, but they told me they don't talk to individual
> developers only companies, so despite several attempts, I've gotten
> nowhere.  This shouldn't be too hard for someone with some kernel
> networking experience as there are several drivers available for
> reference.

If you have a card you can send me, I would be interested in this.  Most of my 
kernel experience is in the network realm and I would like to get some 
wireless done.

Let me know.

Note: please cc me directly with anything relevant specifically to me because 
I receive the list in digest format, trying to keep the number of emails 
forwarded to me at a minimum and don't want to miss any communications.

Stephen Biggs

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