Cirque Touchpad Driver

Vadim Klishko vadim at
Thu Oct 4 23:18:12 UTC 2007

>>However, if anyone wants to get added to the list of "observers,"
>>please let us know, and we'll CC you on our discussions. Any suggestions
>>from any observers are more than welcome!
>> With this, let's take our discussion off the main list.
> Is there an NDA reason this should occur off-list? It seems like the
> mail archive would provide a good record for the future.

No, there is no NDA reason. Not at this point anyway. There has been a request not to clutter up the mailing list. Plus, I didn't think specific details would be interesting for everybody. I know that I am starting to junk most of the mail I get from the list, unless I see the word "Cirque" in the Subject line. However, I don't want to accidentally miss an important message of general nature, which is getting more difficult.

Mathew, if you want to watch the Cirque project, I have no problem with adding you to the recipient list of all of our "internal" messages and asking everyone on the team to do the same. Will that work for you?


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