Cirque Touchpad Driver

Vadim Klishko vadim at
Thu Oct 4 17:46:45 UTC 2007

Hello Sabir,

Thank you for your volunteering for this project. We can start discussing the actual work now, and then it should become clear if there's something you can or want to work on.

Here is the team we have so far:

Aditya Newalkar
Yogesh Tillu
Miguel Ojeda
Leandro Dorileo

and yours truly:

Vadim Klishko

You can find all email addresses in the header of this email.

I hate to do this, but we may need to start cutting off any new volunteers from now on, because the project may be hard to split into so many individual parts.

However, if anyone wants to get added to the list of "observers," please let us know, and we'll CC you on our discussions. Any suggestions from any observers are more than welcome!

With this, let's take our discussion off the main list.

Thank you,


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