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Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Thu Oct 4 10:04:23 UTC 2007


Benoit Donnette:
> Here at Linagora, we have a GlobeTrotter 3G+ Option card, driven by the
> Nozomi driver. I guess the chips are quite different.
They are. The Option driver is used exclusively for USB-connected GSM

Some of these cards have an on-board USB, not connected to the outside
world, which is connected via an OHCI adapter. Plugging the thing into
your compurter, you first see a new generic USB port which just happens
to contain only a GSM modem.

For Nozomi-driven cards, your first priority should be to get that
driver cleaned up and into the kernel. That's out of scope for
linux-usb, so please limit your followups appropriately. ;-)

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