Cirque Touchpad Driver

Greg KH greg at
Wed Oct 3 22:31:09 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 12:13:53PM -0600, Vadim Klishko wrote:
> I don't know if we should keep CC'ing the entire list as we start
> discussing the details of the project. On the one hand, it could be
> beneficial to keep everybody abreast of our progress, so someone could
> correct us in case we are doing something wrong. On the other hand, I
> don't really want to clutter everybody's mailboxes. Does anyone know
> what is the commonly accepted practice in this regard?

For technical things about the project, I suggest keeping that to
yourself.  If you need more help, or need review of code, or have any
questions that you can not answer between you and your group of
developers, feel free to ask them on the list and we will be glad to
help you out.

Glad to see you got a good response, and we look forward to your kernel
patches in the future :)


greg k-h

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